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A hexagonal  2-tier cake with  lustrous  moulded lace work around the sides. Sprays of handmade sugar roses and leaves create the floral decoration. 
A fine ribbon in a complementary colour and sugar beadwork finish the base of each cake.




The elegance of this cake is created with fine hand 
piped lace pieces around the edge and clever use of a translucent handmade flower and leaf arrangement.
The effect is completed with the use of a  semi-transparent ribbon.


Rose Garland

Flower sprays curve around each tier and create a light and airy effect on this oval cake.
The sides are finished with subtle moulded garlands of flowers,  fine ribbons and bows.



Individual cakes form the lower tiers and a larger cake is used for the top. Each individual cake is finished with a singe rose bud and either a decorative band of sugar or ribbon. The top tier is finished with a posy of rose buds and ribbon.



3- tier round cake shown free standing but can be easily displayed on a stand to give height
The handmade sugar flower sprays on each cake are ivory and yellow lilies and ivy.




Bold colours create impact with this cake using handmade sugar flowers and leaves. The stargazer lilies and ivy are complemented by the fine semi-transparent ribbon used to finish the sides of the cakes and sugar lace pieces finish the top edges.



A 2-tier stacked cake with sugar frills looped around the sides each finished with a tiny bow in matching ribbon to the one used to circle the lower edge of each cake.
The top has teddies as  bride and groom sitting on a  confetti strewn plaque, all made from sugar.



A 2-tier square cake with subtle corner decoration using a heart garland. The flowers used for this cake are purchased paper flowers but real, silk or sugar flowers would also suit this arrangement. 
Ribbon is used to trim the base of the cakes and the boards to compliment the colour of the flowers.



This scallop shaped cake looks good as either a fully stacked cake or using the top as a raised tier.
Set in each curve is a single sugar flower with a delicate bud spray. The top tier has a single lily with ribbon trim matching the semi-transparent ribbon used around the edge of each cake.


Lilac Cascade

3-tier hexagonal shape, each side has silver coloured dragee balls on it and also around the base of the cake.
Handmade sugar roses are arranged to give the appearance of cascading down the cake, but are individual bouquets on each tier.



Each tier has a spray of handmade sugar flowers, buds and leaves. A tiny sugar butterfly  sits on the top edge of each cake and the decoration is finished with handmade twigs


Rose Petals

4-tier cake, the lower three tiers are stacked, height is given by the top tier mounted on pillars
Two of the tiers have handmade sprays of sugar roses and lilies; with draping and striking variegated ivy both made from sugar forming an elegant touch to the lower three tiers


This single tier cake has a scalloped side to soften the edge, this is further enhanced with a delicate sugar frill sweeping diagonally to a tiny bow to finish it.
A posy of sugar flowers and leaves with a trailing sweep of ribbons sit on top of the cake

Wedding Bells

A single tier cake, with lilies, roses and sweetpeas handmade from sugar and gathered into a posy for the top of the cake along with ribbon loops and a cascade of ribbons. Wedding bells are positioned on the sides of the cake.


2-tier ivory cake with ivory handmade sugar roses and an assortment of golden ribbons and elegant piping. The side is decorated with looped stringwork made from sugar icing, suspended over a transparent golden ribbon.

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